In his repertoire Boo can:

* Make pizzas disappear and reappear.
* Drink a jug of milk without it ever touching his lips.
* Shrink a ketchup bottle down to the size of a matchstick.
* Completely destroy a borrowed shoe, and then magically restore it.
* Pour water right through the middle of a volunteer's body.
* Make an endless supply of coins, balls and carrots appear from nowhere.
* Take a whole load of valuable objects and then make them all reappear where he took them from.
* Challenge a volunteer to a magic competition where, despite all Boo's cheating, the volunteer will
always win.
* Make an enormous cake by magic with loads of help from the audience.
* Make a 100 note disappear and reappear by magic inside an orange.
* Astound and amaze with card routines, rope routines, newspaper magic and mind magic.

Plus he'll make you laugh so much your granny may explode.
Boo's magic show is aimed at a family or children's audience, and is crammed full of of eye-popping amazing visual magic, audience participation, fun and laughter, mayhem and hilarity.

He has loads of different comedy magical routines for lots of different age ranges. Tons of fun audience participation as well. His magic shows are usually either an hour or 45 minutes.

There are special school magic show packages for schools and nurseries - click here for details

For schools, nurseries, corporate events, theme parks or family events the magic show may be repeated throughout the day.

If you wish, Boo can accompany his magic show with walkabout close-up magic, organised games or balloon modelling.
07734 101 987

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